CCEDC Services

The Clarion County Economic Development Corporation’s expertise is in the ability to identify your needs, match your needs to specific resources, and to work with you to access these resources. Listed below are our major areas of concentration. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Locating Your Business

The CCEDC helps wealth generating companies – whether they are start-ups, existing companies in the county, or companies that are considering a location in Clarion County – to find existing buildings or developed land that fits their needs. Check out “Buildings and Sites” to view the comprehensive database of available buildings and sites in Clarion County. If you have questions regarding the costs associated with a particular building or site regarding property taxes, utilities, construction, and lease/purchase, we have the resources to find you the answer for your business decision. Call the CCEDC today at (814) 226-9045 to find out more about our 77 acre parcel in Knox, PA.


Planning Your Business

The CCEDC can link your business to resources that help you develop a business plan, a marketing plan, improve your use of resources, help with the development of new technology, and to help manufacturers become efficient. Call the CCEDC today at (814) 226-9045 to find out more about our business plan services.


Financing Your Business

The CCEDC helps qualified companies identify and obtain low interest loans, grants, tax credits, and loan guarantees. The CCEDC’s process includes identifying financing needs (purchase of machinery, purchase of buildings or land, construction or renovation of buildings, and working capital), identifying resources/programs to meet these needs, presenting the pros and cons of financing programs, and following through until financing is secured. Call the CCEDC today at (814) 226-9045 so we may help you find the financing best suited for your needs.


Staffing Your Business

The CCEDC can provide you with labor market data, wage rate data, and demographics. We match you to resource partners that could meet your employment needs by helping you find and hire the right employees, find training wage subsidies and applicable tax credits, identify training needs and training providers, and find money to help fund training. The CCEDC can provide you with information on Pennsylvania labor laws.